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Teacher to Business Owner, Amy's story

ďI continually found myself throughout the process saying how can people go through all of this without a Franchise Consultant?!Ē

Amy, What did you do before iTrip? 

  • I was in education for 8 years before making the decision to become a business owner. I worked in the classroom teaching English and U.S. History to 8th graders and coaching cheerleading. From there, I became a district instructional coach for secondary schools where I got to travel around to each campus and work with teachers, teams, and administrators.  

What made you look into franchise opportunities?

  • I have a passion for serving others and truly loved my time in the education field, but I came to a point in my career where I was wanting to be able to do more. I taught, I coached, served on all of the committees, got my masters, moved to a district position coaching other educators, and yet I kept thinking ďwhatís next?Ē. I knew I had to come to a point where there wasnít much more growth opportunity and I still had decades of working years ahead of me. If I was going to leave my stable job that I had invested my career in and passionately worked for, it had to be the perfect opportunity. I didnít want just any job ‒ I wanted a job that I loved, a job that I could work hard at and be rewarded for, and a job that tailored to qualities I felt were important in what I was doing. Knowing what I wanted to get out of my career change led me to looking into owning my own franchise. 

How did FranPlacement help with evaluating opportunities?

  • Finding a franchise can be overwhelming, but not when you work with FranPlacement. To be honest, I wasnít even 100% sure I wanted to be a franchise owner when I first started working with FranPlacement. However, their non-intimidating, customized, and expert approach opened my mind to doing something I never even envisioned for myself. When I came to FranPlacement I didnít know what industry I was interested in or where to start. They got to know me and what I liked and didnít like professionally and personally and helped narrow down areas that might be of interest to me. From there we went week by week exploring all types of franchises until we found some I wanted to learn more about. They put in the initial legwork and presented me with everything I needed to know before deciding to set up an introductory call with the franchise. They answered questions, they listened and tailored their research to best meet my wants out of a career, and ultimately helped guide me to become a franchise owner! 

Would you use FranPlacement if you did it all over again? 

  • Absolutely. I continually found myself throughout the process saying how can people go through all of this without a Franchise Consultant?!  

What are you most excited about with your new franchise? 

  • I am most excited about being about to build something great for my community, my family, and myself. Knowing I get to work hard and determine the future of my success is a pretty great feeling. I guess you could say Iím just excited to get started because this is what I was meant to do! 

Franchise Awarded: iTrip Vacations 

New Franchisee: Amy Rogers

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